New Farms, Big Success!


This inspiring documentary presents three amazing economically responsible farms in the USA and Canada. Their unique business plans eliminate the middle man, use sustainable methods and few fossil fuels, and show a decent living can be made! These new farming practices avoid the destructive trap of industrial food production and its financial burden.

With the participation of Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations and leading USA environmentalist, author and educator, Bill McKibben, this documentary provides critical information to develop an enduring, local food network in a time of climate change.

Interview with Jocelyn Demers, Director and Producer

What motivated you to start this project?

Jocelyn: I always wanted to be a filmmaker, but as time passed, documentaries interested me more and more. I have a sense for journalism, that I developed while working at a (French speaking) radio station for 8 years in Europe. For me, radio was a little step towards my real dream, because I believe that to be a good producer-director, you have to have lived different experiences in different countries and with a consciousness that must ripen with time. In my opinion, there are too many films and books and newspapers articles that don't really serve people, but rather entertain them in an empty way. I am certain that climate change represents a major global issues, as well as the rapid loss of global biodiversity and we are in a critical period in the history of humanity ... a time when we must change quickly to adapt. But, the world is asleep. So, I present solutions... I make documentaries on sustainable development since 2007. NEW FARMS, BIG SUCCESS! is my third film on the subject.

I believe in education, not manipulation.

How did you get to know/selected the three featured farmers?

Jocelyn: I was one of those who have been influenced by the 350.0rg movement. Bill Mckebben wrote me about having an interview with Kristin Kimball. Jean-Martin Fortier has great visibility in Quebec, a place that often sees things from a different angle than the rest of North America. Because I was born there, I always keep an eye on what is done in that Canadian province. Lufa Farms is located in Quebec, on the roofs of industrial buildings in Montreal, and also in Boston.

The three farms are very different physically, but they have some things in common. They use little fossil fuel and make a high-end responsible agriculture, and two of them were started with a very small budget... So that should inspire a lot of new farmers.

How do you see the future of agriculture?

Jocelyn: What I see is that people do not trust the governments and multinationals that have infiltrated the back scenes of power to the point of paralyzing the institutions that can lead to rapid changes. Now, the most daring and most sustainable initiatives come from people who no longer want to wait for governments. I think the most important positive changes will come from those pioneers like the 3 rock stars farmers in NEW FARMS, BIG SUCCESS! I have to admit that the greed of energy companies for coal, gas and oil is going to change the face of the planet Earth in a very dramatic way.

Health-minded farmers will became more important people. Agro-business is destroying the soils and the climate as well. So the influence of non-healthy agriculture will fade.

What is the direction of your future work? What projects are you currently working on, or planning?

Jocelyn: It is a secret! But I am looking to do even better!

Produced by Monde Films. Distributed by Educational Film Network.