Welcome to the world of Educational Films!

Educational Films is your resource for instructional and critical thinking films suitable for classroom environment and home education. The company was established by Anya Zinoveva, an independent filmmaker.

What is the definition of an educational film? It goes back to the question of media. Motion pictures have several functions: to entertain, to inform, to educate, and to persuade (as it's usually the case with propaganda film). It's natural for motion pictures to combine several functions. While educational films do not deny entertaining aspects, they foremost promote critical thinking.

The definition of educational films goes beyond the category of instructional films, just like "to inform" and "to educate" are related but different verbs. Education may take place in or outside of the classroom environment. On a larger scale, our entire life is about educational and learning process.

Educational films are here to open new horizons, to educate. This site will provide invaluable resources to faculty in colleges, universities and high schools. The site is also recommended for philosophy, literature, art and critical thinking studies.